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2015 Pro29 FS-120 Frame (Gen 4)

NEW for 2015, as with all our pro series race models, the 4th Generation Pro29 FS 120 sports the new 6/4 Triangular beefy top tube for considerable performance enhancement.

Lynskey’s new Pro 29 FS-120 frame boasts a massive Helix down tube, horizontally ovalized seatstays and the biggest pivot in the industry for super power transfer and predictable steering response. Together with the “roll over anything” 29er wheel configuration, this setup is dialed for XC, sweeping singletrack, twisty descents and much more…

"I just wanted to drop you a note regarding my new Pro 29 FS-120. I started riding 29” bikes as soon as the early Gary Fisher models came out. Since those days, I have ridden a LOT of 29ers, from hardtail, through softtail and into the latest-greatest full suspension models. I ordered a frame through Lifesport a while back and it arrived within a week. As usual for a Lynskey frame, the build-up was quick and easy due to your attention to detail on machining and finish. No threads to chase, perfect seat post fit, I was ready to ride within an hour.
 Your collaboration with David Earle resulted in an unbelievable bike. I have a 29er hard tail that Steve Potts custom built for me last year and it is hard-tail perfection. The FS-120 hits the same target in the full suspension category. I lose almost no energy on climbs but everything feels right on the descents. Handling in tight, technical single track is predictable and sharp. This bike handles any terrain that I throw at it.
 Thank you for your efforts!
 Chris, Calgary

Lynskey Full Suspension Technology

Lynskey’s simple, stiff, effective and very low maintenance single pivot rear suspension system satisfies both sides of a mountain biker’s brain. It gratifies the "order" craving left brain as it nimbly carves up singletrack with steady, precise handling, while simultaneously thrilling the creative, thrill-seeking right brain as it gobbles up bumps and brings a smile to your face.

How it does all that...

The Lynskey FS bikes employ a single pivot with a linkage drive shock that’s engineered to deliver the best of both worlds – hardtail-like power to the pedals and crisp steering response AND the ability to absorb all types of terrain keeping rubber down, rider in control and the fun meter up to 11.

Pivot location is key to most of this performance and the Lynskey pivot location has been optimized for each platform to virtually eliminate chainstay lengthening, bobbing and anti-squat while maintaining control and suspension balance under heavy braking.

Thinking beyond where the pivot and linkage are placed to how those two elements work on the trail, the Lynskey design utilizes the largest, most durable swingarm pivot bearings in the industry. Linkage bearings are simple and durable and both swingarm bearings and linkage bearings are readily available parts that are reasonably priced and easy to swap out.

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2015 Pro 29

2015 Pro29 FS-120 Frame (Gen 4)

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