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Lynskey Performance Designs

About us and our family history

Yesterday was preparation for tomorrow

We’ve been building things all our lives. It’s all we’ve ever known. While we built our first titanium bike in 1984, we had been working with titanium long before at our dad’s (Bill Lynskey) machine and weld shop. Dad specialized in custom metal fabrication. He machined and fabricated exotic metals for all kinds of industries including aerospace, chemical, and defense. Don’t get the vision that it was a huge factory - it wasn’t. It was a handful of people doing some pretty amazing things. As kids we all began our careers by taking summer jobs working at the shop. We can clearly remember standing on old milk crates to reach the machinery, the searing and hissing sounds as tools steel cut away metal or the acrid fumes as welders sparked their way along a bead.

We learned from the men in the shop who knew how to make anything (a few of them or their sons still work with us today). We experienced first-hand the many innovative and creative projects the shop produced. This all started with a family that was excited to make things. Most bicycle companies start with people that have a passion for bicycles who are trying to figure out how to build a frame; we went into it as craftsmen who like bicycles. We already knew how to build, and that has made all the difference.

A bicycle beginning

A knee injury left brother David looking for a new way to exercise. He took up cycling and within a year was carving his way into local and regional competition. Almost on a whim he decided to build his own bike frame. After all it’s what we did every day. “I’m gonna use titanium. It’s light, strong, and we’ve got some in the rack.” He integrated his geometry and design skills and crafted a frame from scraps of titanium tubing. Brother Chris pitched in and welded the tubes to form the frame. Soon after, David took his new frame to a bike show in southern California where people marveled at the lightweight and responsiveness of the bike. It was here that the first Litespeed bike was introduced. With a little help from Roy Wallack at Bicycle Guide Magazine, word began to spread quickly and almost reached a point of mayhem, as “there’s another guy on the phone asking for a bike.” As a family, we took the hint and began the production of titanium bicycle frames. Litespeed grew for the following 13 years and shortly after Dad passed away we sold the business in 1999.

Cycling Reborn

The saying, “you can take the family out of bicycling, but you can’t take bicycling
out of the family” stood true and soon enough and with a little persuasion from
Mom we were back at it again. We wanted to do more than just titanium bike
frames. We were excited to craft custom, high performance, kick-ass, knockout
bikes. We wanted a bike that does exactly what you want it to do, fits you
exactly the way you want it to fit, and looks exactly as your heart desires.
Equally important, we wanted our designs to continue to be American made,
right here in Tennessee. When it came down to it, we wanted our bikes to be
more than just a bike.

Our doors opened January 1, 2006 as Lynskey Performance Designs. We set
out to make bikes that put smiles on faces and so far our customers think
we’ve done a pretty sweet job. We brought in the trusted hands of welders
and crafters that have been loyal to us for over 25 years. We continue to
forget the reputation of designing and handcrafting the world’s best and most
sought after high performance bicycles.

Our Family Today

We started out as a family business and we are proud to say we are still a family

Each member of our family has their designated roles and corresponding skills for
producing a range of bikes. Bill Lynskey’s legacy is still very much a part of the
Lynskey brand, with his signature appearing on the headtube badge. A shamrock
and hunting hawk appear on the badge representing both our mother and
father’s Irish and British heritage.

We each have different expertise and roles within the company. Mark’s primary
roles are sales, marketing, and collaborating on bike designs. David oversees
plant operations and designs many of the special tools and equipment needed.
Theresa manages the shipping department, completing all customs and
international forms and requirements. Chris drafts and programs the engineering
designs and is the go-to tech guy. Tim stays involved in the finishing department.
Toni, Chris’s wife, is a welder and has been working with the Lynskey family since
our start in 1987. Mark’s daughter, Stephanie, joined the ranks and is now
Marketing Director. Matriarch Ruby’s daily role is accounting and managing all
financial and legal matters for the business.

Our Family of Riders

Our Global Family

Riders all over the world are part of our family. We truly have a global outlook and we love to share awesome photos of our bikes and riders.

Culture of the Category

Our family of riders is just as big a part of us as our actual family. Our riders are passionate and engaged in their culture of riding. Lynskey embodies the cross-culture of not just road or mountain but touring and urban riding to boot.

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