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2015 R360 SRAM RED 22

Deciding on a new R360 with Red22 may be the best cycling decision you've ever made in your racing career. When Sram re-introduced SRAM RED in 2012 there was simply nothing more needed to make it better. SRAM RED was all new, redesigned throughout, with innovations they spent the previous year touting and their athletes proving. It was/is loaded with features and benefits that matched the needs of professionals: fast, light, aerodynamic, ergonomic, near-silent, and, of course, trim-less, with ground breaking Yaw™ technology. Adding two more gears to that combination was arguably the only improvement required. The added benefit is that now, without adding weight, Red maintains a system that shifts incredibly fast upfront, and with the best and smoothest gear transitions in back. And, for the first time available anywhere, the system gives you twenty-two gears. No compromise and no trim, what they call True 22, in any gear combination.

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